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Pastor Greg Buchner


Wesleyan in belief, Pastor Greg believes that the Holy Spirit is not finished with any of us yet. And that since we carry the name of Christian, by God’s grace, everything the Bible says about Jesus Christ is what we should strive to be. More and more, as we become like Christ, loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and loving and serving others as we’d like to be, has to be our goal. And when we miss that mark, forgiveness, grace, and mercy should be our specialty, both to those inside and outside of our churches and community, because God has first forgiven and loved us to show us how. We’re not perfect yet, but we continue to work towards God’s holy truth that will one day set us free. Jesus did say all of that for all of us.


Before pastoral ministry, Pastor Greg worked at Meijer, and other food retail stores. Eventually he became a department manager while studying to receive his Bachelor of Business Administration, specializing in Food Marketing, from Western Michigan University in 1994.


Pastor Greg is also blessed to be married over twenty-five years to Dr. AnnMarie L. Buchner, Audiologist. AnnMarie is currently working for Mobile Medical Support, which is an ancillary provider of podiatry, dental, vision and audiology services, serving those primarily in nursing homes throughout the state. Her calling is to help people hear, and she’s willing to talk with anyone about their hearing issues.


Pastor Greg and AnnMarie have two adult children, daughter Jamie and son Matthew, who now live in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. (Buchner is pronounced - “boo-K’-ner”)

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