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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What entrance do we use?

A: On Sundays, we have entrances on Roys St. (Lakeside) and around back (Parking Lot) where accessible parking spots are available. During the week we use the parking lot entrance for most functions. 


Q: Office hours?

A:  Currently Tuesday - Thursday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.



Q: Is there a dress code?

A: No, but for most, it's business casual. Folks come in jeans and suits and everything in between.


Q: Do you offer any small group opportunities?

A: We have a bunch of community, Bible study, and growth groups available at different times of the year. Please watch this website for the latest. 


Q: Can I participate in the Sacraments?

A: Yes, anyone who is willing to live in a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another is welcome to join both Communion and Baptism.


Q: How would I become a Professing Member?

A: Membership is extended to those who agree with the mission and vision of our congregation. At least quarterly, we offer inquiring membership classes for those who wish to consider this step of faith. Baptism is required. 


Q: How would I become Baptized?

A: For those who wish to be baptized themselves, Baptism is a sacrament where we believe that the Holy Spirit comes "in water and in the Spirit" to profess one's faith in Jesus Christ if one is able to do so themselves. 


For those parents who wish to have their children baptized, we baptize children whose parents or guardians are Christians and agree to raise those children in a Christian home, that is, until they're able to make a professing membership decision on their own. 


For those parents who just wish to celebrate the birth of a child, we offer a "Thanksgiving Service" where water is not used, but the child is still prayed over by the pastor, dedicated to God, and then

the church responds with their thankfulness.


Q: Did we miss your question?

A: Contact us and we'll get an answer right out to you!  Thank you for considering Belleville First UMC.

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