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Sermon Series: This series is based on the Sermon on the Mount and guided by author Brian McClaren in his book, We Make the Road by Walking.  Joining the adventure of Jesus is a starting line, not a finish line. It leads us into a lifetime of learning and action. It challenges us to stand up against the way things have been and the way things are, to help create new possibilities for the way things can and should be…We (will) focus on what it means for us to join in… (Jesus’) adventure.


2023 February 26

Scripture:  Matthew 5:1-16 (NRSVUE)

Title:  A New Identity

Theme:  Jesus lays out the identity of his followers by calling them blessed. Let’s continue to explore the Beatitudes but from a different angle this time. Let’s discover a New Identity!


2023 March 5

Scripture:  Matthew 5:17-48 (NRSVUE)

Title:  A New Path to Aliveness

Theme:  Jesus’ crowd at the Sermon on the Mount hosted all kinds of curious people. Some looking for Jesus to stay with TRADITION. Still others longed to hear a more PROGRESSIVE message. Jesus gave them neither. Let’s discover the new path together.


2023 March 12

Scripture:  Matthew 6:1-18 (NRSVUE)

Title:  Your Secret Life

Theme:  We say we can’t change, but what we might really mean is that we want others to change to be like us. Jesus tells us that to see any change in the outside world, the first step is to withdraw into our own inner world. Let’s see what all the secrecy is about.


2023 March 19

Scripture:  Matthew 6:29-7:12 (NRSVUE)

Title:  Why We Worry, Why We Judge

Theme:  Jesus recognizes the three core problems we all struggle with and gives us faith-proven solutions. Come hear how your faith and Jesus’ teachings can help curb anxiety, dissolve judgment, and remind us how deeply we are loved.


2023 March 26

Scripture:  Matthew 7:13-29 (NRSVUE)

Title:  The Choice Is Yours

Theme:  Two gates opening to two roads. Two vines or two trees producing different fruit. “Two groups of people, one entering Jesus’ presence, the other going away.”[2] Two builders, two houses: Rock or Sand? The Choice is Yours!


2023 April 2—Palm Sunday

Scripture:  Zechariah 9:9-10; Psalm 122; Luke 19:29-46 (NRSVUE)

Title:  Peace March

Theme:  Today, we will hear the retelling of the “Hosanna” story from the eye witnesses of his disciples. What kind of peace march do we participate in?


2023 April 6—Maundy Thursday


2023 April 7—Good Friday


2023 April 9—Easter

Scripture:  Luke 24:1-32

Title:  The Uprising Begins

Theme:  They had been waiting for the Messiah. They had hoped for a military giant. What they got was a martyr for the cause. Or did they?  Come and rejoice! Christ is risen, he is risen indeed!


2023 April 16—Pastor Mary on vacation

Joy Dubin and Mike Skelton will offer a dialogue sermon

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