June 5, 2022—Pentecost/ Laity Sunday
While Pastor Mary travels back from Annual Conference in Traverse City, The congregation will view, More Than JUST a Layperson, from the 2021 laity session of Annual Conference. It is an uplifting and inspirational time together, including music, a devotional and keynote address. We are excited to welcome Derrick Scott III from the Florida Annual Conference. Derrick is a layperson and the executive director of Campus to City Wesley Foundation, a United Methodist multi-campus ministry in Jacksonville and St. Augustine areas. He has a passion for the call to lay ministry and how it's more than weekend worship.

June 12, 2022—Communion Sunday
Our very own Paul Smith will preach as Pastor Mary leads us in worship and communion.
Scripture:  Matthew 6:25-34
Sermon Title:  Psyched
Synopsis:  Paul will be exploring this scripture from the Sermon on the Mount and how Jesus understands our minds better than we do. Let’s learn to live in the now, in the present moment as we hear how Jesus proclaimed this long before psychology understood this to be the way to live.

June 19, 2022
Scripture:  Luke 8:26-39
Sermon Title:  From Madness to Stillness
Synopsis:  This week, the theme is redirection. There is an invitation to reorient or refocus—from the multi-voiced madness to the single call of Christ. Worship is about sorting through the noises of our world, noises out there and noises inside our own heads, so that we can learn to listen to the voice of God.

June 26, 2022—Ecumenical Parking Lot Worship
Scripture:  Galatians 5:1, 13-25
Sermon Title:  We are One in the Spirit
Synopsis:  Today is our first parking lot service and we’ll be sharing it with our sisters and brothers at Belleville Presbyterian and Messiah Lutheran Church. Let us come together in the Spirit.

Sermon Series: Weeping to Dancing
We are going to walk with David in this 30th chapter of 1 Samuel. What will we learn? We will learn, through the five weeks, ways to expand perspective hearing the story and how David reacts while applying one of 5 perspective building practices . David in this passage starts at the status of victim when the passage begins, but by the end his perspective has expanded and he, through the power of God: Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer, finds perspective and in turn helps those in his charge to find it too. Let’s learn from David and find perspective for our lives and our congregational life. (This sermon series was inspired by teaching and preaching from the 2022 Annual Conference speaker, the Rev. Dr. Ronald Bell.)

July 3, 2022
Scripture:  1 Samuel 30:1-4 (MSG)
Sermon Title:  Weep When You Need to Weep
Synopsis:  David and his men find themselves with their homes destroyed, wives and children taken captive, and they do what anyone would do, they weep. Trying to hold in their emotions would have only hindered the process. How often do we find ourselves holding it all in? Why can’t we weep over the trauma in our lives? (PIES)

July 10, 2022
Scripture:  1 Samuel 30:5-8 (MSG)
Sermon Title: hen All Else Fails…Pray
Synopsis: fter weeping and letting out his emotions, David spent time in prayer and in that time, he received an answer. Do we stop and take the time to pray when things seem to be in chaos, when our emotions are so raw that our nerves are on edge? Or do we try to push through and do things in our own might? (Four Corners)

July 17, 2022
Scripture:  1 Samuel 30:9-14 (MSG)
Sermon Title:  Watching and Claiming God’s Provision
Synopsis:  David goes immediately to pursue the raiders who have taken his wives and the families of his men, and yet, it’s a time of stretching for him too. Men drop out from sheer exhaustion and they find an Egyptian almost dead and David stretches his patience and his hand of hospitality toward this foreigner to help. Do we take the time to see the provisions God has provided or do we blindly pursue the answer to our prayers? (Stretching)

July 24, 2022
Scripture:  1 Samuel 30:15-20 (MSG)
Sermon Title:  Working on Breathing
Synopsis:  David secures the location of the raiders by reviving the Egyptian they had left behind. David made promises and God made promises. I can imagine that throughout the fulfilling of those promises there was a lot of breath work going on. Do we take time to breathe even in the midst of promises fulfilled? (Breath Work)

July 31, 2022—Parking Lot Worship and Communion
Scripture:  1 Samuel 30:21-31(MSG)
Sermon Title:  We, Water, and Wind
Synopsis:  Remember those 200 who David allowed to stay behind. Well like all families, the ones who went to battle feel jealous and resentful of the ones who didn’t. David, I imagine, was tired of fighting and wanted everyone to get along. I wonder if he might have looked at his hands, washed them of the residue of battle, and breathed onto his hands as if bringing new life into the relationships around him. What would it mean if we would do the same? (Hands, Water, Wind)